bryce anderson, painting pictures

18 october 2019
22 ross st, newstead qld

flowers, vases and fruit connote a general sense of art history and the language of painting, as much as they refer to the objects captured. a painting of a flower, charged with allegory, is idealised in its well-worn trope. the painting of a flower transcends its nature and is assigned varied meanings, recognised as a metaphor of metaphoric meaning—something that signifies its own signification. layers of meaning return the painting of a flower to its original condition, a picture. paintings are constructed as images, which in turn become themes for the negation of authorship. the work throughout painting pictures shifts between images derived from anderson’s oeuvre and the appropriation of historical paintings that assist in framing the artist’s narrative. images circulate like characters in a novel—their histories continue to shift and change.

bryce anderson is a queensland born, melbourne based artist. his practice considers processes that involve image alteration across multiple disciplines, where significance is embedded in the images’ adaptability. anderson holds a bachelor of fine art with first class honours from the victorian college of the arts, melbourne. he was a finalist in the agendo award, camberwell grammar school (2019); shortlisted for the brett whitely travelling scholarship, the art gallery of new south wales (2018); recipient of the travelling scholarship, southern cross university, lismore (2017); finalist in the sunshine coast art prize (2016); and winner of hurford hardwood portrait prize, subject of the northern rivers, lismore regional gallery, lismore (2015). his work is held in numerous collections including lismore regional gallery, lismore and brock university, ontario, canada. anderson is represented by china heights gallery in sydney.