interior views

everywhere you go, light is different—it shapes the way we live and how we see the world. in queensland, the light is boundless, bright and hot. here, the sun permeates a relentless light, beating down on the weatherboards of iconic queenslander houses and the smooth concrete façades of brutalist buildings.

light causes deterioration and endurance; paint fades and blisters, plants grow and flower. it bounces off walls and windows, creating shadows and reflections as it fades in and out each day. it enables perfect moments on the veranda in the afternoon as the light fades, informing our mood and defining our environment.

interior views explores light and reflection through sculpture and moving image, imbuing the effect of these elements on architecture, both structural and fluid. the exhibition brings together artwork by emerging artists including sculptures by jordan azcune and caroline yuen, and digital artworks by rachael archibalddavid donmadeline holt and janni cox.

A Modest Creation About Ambition LR-54.jpg

jordan azcune

through solo and collaborative practices, jordan azcune explores notions of utopia, the ineffable, and larger ideas of optimism. raised as a jehovahs’s witness and growing up queer, his approach to art making begins with a fluency in biblical theology and uses related visual cues of the 20th century to reconsider histories which map the conflicting intersection of emotion, spirituality, and monumentality. these references are translated by using ancient and contemporary techniques to reveal a fragile state of observance and communion with reality. azcune lives and works in south east queensland. in 2016 he completed honours in fine art at queensland university of technology and has since completed a mentorship in public art with lincoln austin and is apprenticing with theologian and iconographer leonard brown on byzantine gold work. azcune’s work has been exhibited across brisbane, the gold coast regional queensland and nationally.

caroline yuen

caroline yuen is a qualified architect with a b.arch from university of western australia, and an emerging artist. her design sensibility is akin to interior architecture, from custom joinery and furniture to lighting installation. her artistic practice spans many mediums including glass, ceramics, jewellery, footwear and screen-printing. previously represented by code red gallery in claremont, yuen has since exhibited at innerspace contemporary art on brookes st and metcalfe gallery at the brisbane institute of art in 2017, and monart gallery in 2004. yuen’s artistic and architectural endeavours have seen her featured multiple times the sunday times and australia house and garden between 2002 to 2012. her work is held in private collections throughout australia.

Rachael Archibald.png

rachael archibald explores a secular spiritual identity by composing visceral ambience for disenchanting realities. it manifests visually and sometimes musically. since completing a bachelor in fine art from the queensland college of art, archibald has established herself firmly within the global digital arts community. although living and working in brisbane, australia, the majority of her work has been exhibited both overseas and online. her foray into the online art community was in the 2014 new digital art biennale - the wrong, held at various sites across the web. from this, she gained increasing attention and opportunities throughout the year with printed fabric works shown in venice for the group show, venturi effect, videos in bristol for bending light and another shown on office shelves simultaneously in new york and dresden for official office.

David Don.png

david don’s practice investigates the intersections of contemporary art, identity, and the growing dominance of the virtual space. working across a range of media including animation, video installation and painting, his work predominantly represented through metaphor examines our relationships between virtual and real spaces. the resulting creative outcomes are realised through a body of work that responds to the universal interactions we may have with virtual space. the artworks function as snapshots of these interactions and are created using multiple mediums to explore how each new medium might offer a new perspective of this core concept.

Janni Cox 1.png

janni cox is a brisbane-based artist who utilises the improvisational and spatially investigative tactics of skateboarding to inform his art-making process. with this mentality, his works have often demonstrated how ‘street skating’ offers a unique mode of interacting with the built environment, causing objects and architecture to be repurposed and reconsidered. cox completed honours in fine art at queensland university of technology and has recently exhibited in local artist-run initiatives, group shows, and solo shows.

Madeline Holt.png

madeline holt is inspired by the relationship between existence and consciousness and strives to explore this in tangible form. these pieces represent the way in which she views the world and her experience of existence. holt lives by the perception of the interconnectedness of everything, and experience she hopes to create for the viewer.